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Combining high-quality, flexible on-demand manufacturing with purpose-built proprietary software enables customers to transform digital designs into physical products rapidly.

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NAMI provides services in application development, on-demand manufacturing, and digital warehouse solutions to optimize business operations. Using 3D printing technology, NAMI reduces lead times and inventory storage. Our services improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness.


Application Development

NAMI's Application Development Service is committed to helping businesses overcome their design and production challenges by assisting in identifying needs, validating, and scaling manufacturing processes. The team collaborates with leading research organizations, educational institutions, and innovative companies to solve complex additive manufacturing (AM) challenges.

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On Demand Manufacturing

On-demand manufacturing streamlines the process for businesses to produce parts and components as needed. Uploading CAD files, confirming specs, receiving instant quotes, production, quality control, and delivery are the steps involved. It's a convenient and efficient way to reduce lead times and improve overall efficiency.

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Digital Warehouse

NAMI's digital warehouse services use automation and on-demand 3D printing to reduce lead times and inventory storage. It's a digital library for spare parts, allowing customers to send printing orders directly and optimize operations.

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NAMI's additive manufacturing capabilities include advanced software and hardware to produce precise, complex parts with advanced sensing and control systems. Their comprehensive software covers 3D laser scanning, design, analysis, and manufacturing optimization, streamlining the process and reducing lead times and costs. NAMI's custom part production with precision up to 20 microns drives innovation in additive manufacturing.


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