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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is rapidly gaining prominence across industries, not only for prototyping but as a viable method for regular production. The advantages of AM, including design flexibility, reduced lead times, and supply chain efficiency, are clear. However, the lack of relevant standards has been a limiting factor in its widespread adoption. Recognizing this challenge, DNV has taken a significant step by creating Additive Manufacturing standards, specifically DNV-ST-B203 for the Energy and Maritime sectors. NAMI (National Additive Manufacturing & Innovation Company) is a leading Saudi-based company in Riyadh that specializes in additive manufacturing. Backed by industry giant 3D Systems and Dussur, NAMI is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of 3D printed products and maximizing their local impact. On September 11, 2023, NAMI extended a warm welcome to DNV and Aramco's CSD (Consultant Services Department) to mark a significant milestone in our ongoing journey towards facility qualification. Our immediate objective was to achieve AMC 1 level Facility Certification by mid-October, encompassing the qualification of the Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (LB-PBF) process with a focus on one Build Process Qualification (BPQ). NAMI also aims to secure AMC 2 and 3-level facility qualification by completing Part Qualification and Production Specification (PPS) by the end of 2023. This certification aligns with DNV AM Standard DNV-ST-B203 and DNV's service specification DNV-ST-0568. The DNV Audit involved three main steps: reviewing NAMI's AM facility documentation, production, and quality control procedures, evaluating the effectiveness of traceability of the parts through the deployment of NAMI's AM procedures, and witnessing the Build Process Qualification (BPQ) build. Certifying an AM facility according to DNV's globally recognized 'Facility Certification' standard is a testimony that the qualified facility meets rigorous criteria, validated by qualified AM experts. AM processes qualification provides peace of mind to end-user customers, placing a strong emphasis on the reliability and capability verification of AM manufacturers. This certification adds significant value for customers, regulators, and anyone seeking certified AM components. NAMI acknowledges the significance of DNV's facility certification and part-family qualification for their strategic growth objectives. With DNV's certification, NAMI aims to enhance confidence in their customers regarding the quality and repeatability of their AM processes. As it has been stating by NAMI's Acting CEO, Omar Abuhabaya, "It was a fantastic start to the NAMI facility qualification process with DNV. This remarkable opportunity will allow NAMI to serve the Oil & Gas industry and provide end-users with the confidence to incorporate additively manufactured parts into critical applications, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction." Abuhabaya further highlighted his involvement in the establishment of DNV's Joint Industry Project (JIP) Phase I and Phase II qualification guidelines, finding it rewarding to witness their implementation in NAMI's facility today. These guidelines enable NAMI to qualify both critical and non-critical applications (AMC Level 1, 2, 3), thereby accelerating the adaptation of additive manufacturing in the region where NAMI is taking a leading. It is worth noting that NAMI's joint venture partner, 3D Systems, has been instrumental in bringing the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. As the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner, they bring innovation, performance, and reliability to this project. Additionally, 3D Systems is actively collaborating with DNV in their Joint Industry Project Phase 3, further enhancing their expertise and contributions to the success of NAMI. Dr. Sastry Kandukuri, Global AM Practice Lead and Senior Principal Materials Specialist at DNV’s Energy Systems Business Unit in Norway, highlighted NAMI's commitment to excellence by partnering with DNV for their AM facility qualification. DNV's globally recognized 'AM Facility Certification' compliant with the DNV-ST-B203 standard and DNV-SE-0568 service specification, assures that NAMI's facility exceeds rigorous criteria, supported by qualified AM experts. This certification adds significant value for end-user customers, part design owners, and those seeking certified AM components in the energy/oil & gas industries. The partnership underscores the importance of DNV’s facility certification and part family qualification and aligns with NAMI's strategic growth vision in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors, leveraging AM technology's potential. With DNV's certification, NAMI gains the trust of its end-user customers, ensuring quality and consistency in their AM processes, seamlessly integrating into the manufacturing supply chain.

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NAMI, a market leader in additive manufacturing, has reached a significant milestone by becoming the first company in Saudi Arabia to obtain DNV certification for 3D printed metallic parts supply for the Oil and Gas / Energy Industry. This milestone not only highlights NAMI's dedication to innovation but also underscores its unwavering commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction.What does this mean for NAMI and its customers? Simply put, it means that NAMI's additive manufacturing products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability, by adhering to strict standards such as DNV ST-B203 “Additive manufacturing of metallic parts” and DNV-SE-0568 Module B “Qualification of additive manufacturing service providers, manufacturers and parts”.This achievement enables NAMI to provide our customers in Oil & Gas reliable additive manufacturing solutions that are faster, more efficient, and cost-effective compared to other manufacturing methods. Whether it's mass production or on-demand printing; such solutions lead to creating supply chain resilience for Oil & Gas OEMs and end users. Dr. Sastry Kandukuri, Global AM Practice Lead at DNV Norway and the Technical Authority for this certification, extended his warm congratulations to NAMI for achieving this significant milestone of obtaining the DNV AM Facility Certification. “This achievement firmly positions NAMI as a key player in the global Additive Manufacturing landscape of the Oil and Gas and energy sectors, particularly in Saudi Arabia”, Dr. Kandukuri underscored the importance of this qualification for NAMI, acknowledging that NAMI's steadfast commitment to upholding and adhering to excellence in quality standards.NAMI's DNV certification is a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers in all sectors including the vital sector of Oil and Gas in the region.

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NAMI and Maaden | A Groundbreaking Partnership in 3D Printing

3D printing is more than just a buzzword in the manufacturing landscape—it's a revolution. At NAMI, we're harnessing this revolution to turn complex designs into functional realities, especially for clients like Maaden who depend on the durability and precision of every component.For Maaden, the challenge was clear: their nozzles had to last longer without frequent replacements. We brought to the table our expertise in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing. SLS allows us to use materials that aren't just strong but also flexible and durable, much like the high-performing engineering plastics used in tough applications.In the world of 3D printing, the choice of material can make or break your component. That's why for Maaden's nozzles, we chose a nylon-based thermoplastic that boasts the toughness and longevity needed for their heavy-duty applications. Our selection of materials goes beyond the basics, tapping into advanced nylon chemistries like DuraForm PA, which is known for its high endurance.By switching to our nylon-based SLS printing, Maaden saw their nozzle life expectancy skyrocket from 5 weeks to over 30 weeks. This means less downtime, fewer replacements, and significant cost savings—benefits that any engineer or financial officer would celebrate.At NAMI, we understand that even the slightest variance in manufacturing can lead to complications down the line. Our digital workflow, which includes precise 3D scanning and printing, ensures that the nozzles we produce fit perfectly every time, reducing the chance of errors in Maaden’s operations.The materials we use, like the DuraForm ProX PA, aren't just about lasting longer—they're about withstanding the intense conditions of industrial use. These materials are tough enough to handle the vibrations and stress of continuous operation, which is exactly what Maaden needs.For Maaden, partnering with NAMI meant stepping into a future where 3D printing is not a novelty but a necessity for innovation and economic efficiency. We’re proud to be part of this transformative journey, proving that with the right technology and materials, the possibilities are endless.Lastly, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the engineers from Ma'aden, Fahad Almatrafi and Ziyad Altuwijri, for their invaluable contribution as part of this project. Their expertise and dedication played a vital role in the successful implementation of the Maaden nozzle.

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