13 March, 2024
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NAMI, a market leader in additive manufacturing, has reached a significant milestone by becoming the first company in Saudi Arabia to obtain DNV certification for 3D printed metallic parts supply for the Oil and Gas / Energy Industry. This milestone not only highlights NAMI's dedication to innovation but also underscores its unwavering commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction.

What does this mean for NAMI and its customers? Simply put, it means that NAMI's additive manufacturing products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability, by adhering to strict standards such as DNV ST-B203 “Additive manufacturing of metallic parts” and DNV-SE-0568 Module B “Qualification of additive manufacturing service providers, manufacturers and parts”.

This achievement enables NAMI to provide our customers in Oil & Gas reliable additive manufacturing solutions that are faster, more efficient, and cost-effective compared to other manufacturing methods. Whether it's mass production or on-demand printing; such solutions lead to creating supply chain resilience for Oil & Gas OEMs and end users.

Dr. Sastry Kandukuri, Global AM Practice Lead at DNV Norway and the Technical Authority for this certification, extended his warm congratulations to NAMI for achieving this significant milestone of obtaining the DNV AM Facility Certification. “This achievement firmly positions NAMI as a key player in the global Additive Manufacturing landscape of the Oil and Gas and energy sectors, particularly in Saudi Arabia”, Dr. Kandukuri underscored the importance of this qualification for NAMI, acknowledging that NAMI's steadfast commitment to upholding and adhering to excellence in quality standards.

NAMI's DNV certification is a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers in all sectors including the vital sector of Oil and Gas in the region.

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